I am Romina Pourvaghar,

I had the opportunity to study architecture for my bachelor’s degree at the University of Kashan for the master’s degree, I was interested in detail design, industrial design and aspects of architectural aesthetic on small scale. Thus, I got my master’s degree in interior architecture from the University of pars that is a great university with top ranked professors and famous architects.

I am a creative person and have excellent experiences in design (architecture, interior design, and logo design), also worked as a designer and construction contractor of a villa. The excellent experience about construct and material combination from idea to selling (modeling, 3d printing, manufacturing, and working with different materials such as epoxy, wood, polyester, ceramic, metal(aluminum and iron), stone, polymer concrete and use the methods: casting, laser cut, water jet cutter, 3d print and molding with silicon to make: lighting, table, vase, etc.

now I work as a designer in Iran Mehr Design and Printing Office.

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